China Unveils Warship-Destroying Hypersonic Missile, Amid Growing Tension With US

IB Times

November 8th 2018

South China Sea: how well do China and the US really know each other’s intentions?

 China critics in the US frequently warn of what they assume are China’s dangerous intentions regarding the South China Sea – and what it may do to achieve its goals.


They say it wants to dominate the sea militarily as part of its ambitious and aggressive expansionism.

 They say China may interfere with freedom of commercial navigation and essentially control all activities there .

But what might the US' intentions be in the South China Sea?

South China Morning Post

September 25th 2018

Mattis slams China over placement of weapons in S. China Sea

Check  U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday that China has placed weapons systems in the South China Sea to intimidate its neighbors. Mattis called the country's actions into question when he spoke in Singapore on Friday. 

CBS News

June 2nd 2018

Pentagon warns against military buildup in South China Sea

 The latest U.S. military moves against Chinese expansion serves as back drop to potential North Korea talks. Jennifer Griffin shares details for 'Special Report.' 

Fox News

May 31st 2018